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Last updated: 5 August 2022

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Consumers are somewhat at a loss when trying to find the plan from among a plethora of options of telephone operators that best suits their needs, whether it offers lower per minute rates on calls or larger data traffic. The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) regularly publishes the average monthly cost indicator (AMCI) to help customers find their way through the various landline and mobile tariffs and operators.

With the development of telecommunications services, today’s fast-paced digital world is characterised by an increasing number of products and services flooding the market. The cost elements and conditions of the mobile and landline phone tariff packages offered by various operators are very different. Consequently, selecting the right subscription is no small task for consumers. Nor is it easy to estimate, based on the general terms and conditions (GTC) and the information displayed on the operators’ websites, the monthly cost of using a specific tariff package. By developing the average monthly cost indicator (AMCI), NMHH helps customers answer the question “How much would this service cost to an average consumer on a monthly basis?”

Based on the tariffs and GTCs published on operator websites, AMCI’s single figure indicates the monthly cost of using a specific mobile of landline telephone tariff package for an average user. The average phone use structure generated on the basis of the traffic data provided by phone operators is a good basis for general information. However, customers normally do not use their phones as this calculated average.

The voice call structure of an average Hungarian consumer (see table below) indicates the number of calls made to the specific directions (own network, landline, mobile, international, roaming), and the length of the calls (in minutes).

  • The average landline phone user makes 28 calls per month, talks for a total of 3.5 hours (211 minutes) and the average length of a call is 7.6 minutes.
  • The average prepaid mobile phone user makes 19 calls per month, talks for a total of 38 minutes, sends 3 text messages and the average length of a call is 2.0 minutes.
  • The average postpaid mobile phone user makes 80 calls per month, talks for a total of 5 hours (305 minutes), sends 11 text messages and the average length of a call is 3.8 minutes.

When calculating AMCI, NMHH tooks into account the allowances published by operators (minute/SMS credit included in the monthly fee, monthly discount for the duration of the loyalty period, options).

The page showing telephone costs (AMCI) can be available:

NMHH's website > Phone >Compare packages and decide well > Average Monthly Cost Indicator > See all relevant posts

NMHH will monthly update the AMCI figures for all clearly published offers of the most significant operators (Magyar Telekom, Yettel, Vodafone, DIGI, Invitel).

The Authority publishes these cost indicators in table format. The tables include all subscription types available (with or without loyalty period, with different options and data volume).

Those who use their phones with the parameters indicated above (types of calls, total duration of calls, text messages sent, etc.) can expect their monthly cost match the AMCI rate. Those who use their phone more or less than the average will pay more or less, except for those with flat-rate tariff packages or plans including airtime credit. However, operators may offer periodic discounts in addition to those published in their GTCs and on the websites, which may reduce monthly costs as they offer lots of tariff packages and discounts to accommodate the various needs of their customers. Service bundles may be especially favourable with additional discounts.

The average monthly cost indicator is only for information purposes and is calculated based on average call patters and the key parameters of the tariff packages published by operators. Make sure you check with the operators before ordering your telephone service.

If you need a new tariff package or would like to switch between two plans, please visit tantusz.nmhh.hu for more information on landline and mobile phone tariffs and an overview of bundled package offerings of operators.

Average structure of voice calls in Hungary

Landline telephone traffic
Calling directionCall volume (minutes)
Local, within the network 77
Local, outside the network 35
Long-distance, within the network 23
Long-distance, outside the network 19
Mobile network 56
International 1
Total 211
Prepaid mobile phone traffic
Calling directionCall volume (minutes)
Within own network 19
To other mobile network 13
Landline network 3
International 0
Roaming 3
Total 38
Postpaid mobile phone traffic
Calling directionCall volume (minutes)
Within own network 154
To other mobile network 120
Landline network 13
International 2
Roaming 16
Total 305