Radio offering

The Authority supervises the programme offering of radio stations. It is important to know that there are commercial, community and public service radios. Public service radio channels include Kossuth, Petőfi, Bartók and Dankó Rádió, Nemzetiségi Rádió, Parlament Rádió and Duna World Rádió. Commercial, small community and community radios number over 200 in Hungary today.

Unlike commercial stations, community and small community radios do not pay a media service fee. In exchange they have additional obligations to air special programmes in the interest of the community they plan to serve.

NMHH registers media services, including all Hungarian radio stations numbered over 200 today. Visit the link below to see the various categories of the database of media services, including linear (received via an FM service), on-demand (online), radio stations secured via tender and public service radio channels. The number of linear radio services is 192, of which 148 were secured at tenders (most of them local), and there are currently 7 public service radio stations in Hungary today. Approximately 17 online radios operate in Hungary today providing on-demand programmes. Due to the quick changes of the media market, these numbers continuously change but the orders of magnitude have not changed over the years.

Click here for up-to-date figures: Register of media services

The following infographic indicates the number of television sets of each category currently used in Hungary.

Register of media services