Radio plays, television and radio programmes sponsored by the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme of the Media Council of NMHH

Since 2011, the Council has been running the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, which provides funding for independent, Hungarian non-feature films and radio plays, well as for covering the operating costs of local and regional television and radio stations.

The purpose of the Miklós Cserés tender is to sponsor the production of a radio drama play or series for all age groups and in line with the changed radio listening habits of the past decades.

In addition, the patronage programme provides funding for the news and magazine programmes of local and community media service providers to help smaller providers to maintain a diverse programme offering and enables them to operate media services nationwide under predictable conditions and in modern circumstances. So far the Media Council has spent over HUF 7.6 billion to finance overhead costs, technical improvements and production of radio and television programmes. These tendering opportunities provide crucial financial resources for local media, including radio stations. Funding in the amount of billions of HUF awarded by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority enable dozens of local, regional and small community radios to play their role as information sources and quality entertain venues in local communities.