Child-friendly solutions

Children can be best protected in the infocommunication space by training them for media awareness. Accordingly, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), in addition to making the service providers comply with the laws pertaining to the protection of minors, also pays special attention to awareness training.

On the one hand, it provides children with the opportunity to learn how to use the media resources consciously (Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centres), and on the other hand, it provides their parents, relatives and teachers with an interface to master the skills necessary for this, with a view to passing those on to the children later on.

Many adults doubt that they can teach young people anything at all on the use of media, as children are often much better at using the tools than their parents or teachers. It is important to make adults understand that they have to transfer not only technical skills to children, but also the responsible and critical approach arising from their age and experience.

This site provides parents and adults with specific and tangible assistance. The knowledge and use of content filtering programmes may protect our children from an array of threats on the Internet, while the use of child lock can help us select from the TV programmes. It is also useful to know the age rating warnings to be used in television and radio when we decide which programmes we let our children watch; on the other hand, the perusal of the regulatory proposals related to the child-friendly internet may be useful not only for parents but also for researchers and experts.