Data erasure

General information

To protect our personal data, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) provides a free data erasure service to consumers in its non-regulatory powers. The data erasure application allows you to securely and permanently delete data stored on your device from a wide range of durable media devices, such as mobile phones and laptops.

The labels containing the data erasure code required to use the data erasure application were made available to traders at the district offices from 30 November 2021.

Image of the label containing the data erasure code

Traders shall provide the labels to consumers purchasing durable media free of charge. One label allows you to delete data from one durable media device once.

To provide information related to the use of the application, the authority created the website The following is available on it from the start date of the service:

  • clear, user-friendly, accessible user guide and terms of use required to use the application,
  • a detailed list of devices that can be deleted with the data erasure application,
  • information on customer service contacts related to the use of the service,
  • use of the data erasure application.

If you want to use the free data erasure application – and you have a label the data erasure code of which has not yet been redeemed – please visit

NMHH performs the tasks related to the data erasure application pursuant to Government Decree No. 726/2020 (XII. 31) on the determination of the procedural rules for the provision of an application enabling data to be made permanently inaccessible.

Information for traders

Traders can contact the district office competent according to their registered office or place of business regarding the claiming and handling of the labels. Upon receipt, traders must prove their right to carry out the commercial activity. This is checked by the district offices.

The consumer protection authority checks whether the trader complied with the rules when handing over the label to the consumer, whether it keeps records in accordance with the provisions, and how the trader stores labels and handles damaged or unusable pieces. NMHH has no control rights over this.

Customer services

Data erasure website

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