Spectrum management for civil purposes

Without exception, the objective of frequency management is to ensure the efficient, interference-free use of the radio spectrum. This field comprises two important segments: spectrum management for civilian and for non-civilian purposes.

When selling civilian frequencies – that is, those assigned for the provision of communication and media services –, the NMHH also takes into account the prevailing market conditions, in addition to aspects of technological setup and compliance. As an important part of frequency allocation, it must be ensured that the frequencies used by the various providers do not interfere with one another, and that consumers are offered the possible most balanced set of offerings, be it media or communication service.

In line with the principle of good stewardship over Hungary’s spectrum assets, the NMHH develops technical and legal rules for the distribution and allocation of frequency bands and the terms of use; publishes the requirements of frequency use, conditions for obtaining usage rights and information related to charges; maintains databases; conducts frequency auctions, issues radio licenses and verifies compliance.

The NMHH maintains daily contact with a number of international organisations to ensure the smooth performance of this activity. To provide a bilingual platform to display the NFFF Decree on the rules of spectrum use and to facilitate retrieval of data included in the Decree, NMHH created an easy-to-use web application called Spectrum Management Information System (abbr. STIR: stir.nmhh.hu).