Electronic services

The NMHH performs the official functions related to the so-called trust services by registering, monitoring, inspecting and taking action against spams (unwanted electronic solicitations). Secure online administration services are collectively referred to as trust services because there is a great deal of mistrust in online services among consumers, businesses and authorities alike. Our goal is to build systems that people can trust and will actually use, as this would be more economical and convenient for everyone.

As part of its endeavours the NMHH registers providers of trust services residing, or possessing a registered seat or location in Hungary, organisations certifying the compliance of tools generating qualified electronic signatures and electronic timestamps, as well as the tools generating qualified electronic signatures and electronic stamps that have been certified in Hungary.

The NMHH oversees trust services and their providers, and assesses the compliant operation of organisations assigned to attesting the compliance of tools generating qualified electronic signatures and electronic timestamps. Supervision is aimed at ensuring that the operation of the service providers complies with statutory requirements or defined in the in-house policies of service providers and in relevant general terms and conditions of contract.

As an integral part of official functions relating to trust services, the NMHH maintains a registry, openly accessible by anyone via electronic means, on qualified and non-qualified providers of trust services, on tools generating qualified electronic signatures and timestamps that have been certified in Hungary, as well as on the organisations certifying these tools.

As regards e-commerce, the NMHH performs administrative functions relating to unwanted electronic solicitations, as set out in legislation on commercial advertising and electronic commerce. In addition to its surveillance proceedings, the NMHH prepares and publishes information materials for consumers as a means to effectively step up against unwanted electronic solicitations.

E-szolgáltatás-felügyeleti Osztály

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