Supervisory Body

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (hereinafter: NMHH) was created by Section 9 of Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (hereinafter: Electronic Communications Act), in compliance with Section 1 (2) of Act LXXXII of 2010 on the Modification of Certain Acts Regulating the Media and Communications. Pursuant to Section 1 (6) (a) of XLIII of 2010 on Central Administrative Agencies and the Legal Status of Members of Government and Junior Ministers, NMHH is an independent regulatory body, as defined in Section 109 (1) of Act CLXXXV of 2010 on Media Services and Mass Media (hereinafter: Media Act), and is subordinated only to the law. As stipulated in Section 109 (4) of the Media Act, the President of NMHH reports to Parliament annually about the activities of the Authority. The general rules applicable to NMHH are set out in the Electronic Communications Act and the Media Act.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, clients may appeal the Authority’s decisions of first instance by appealing to the President of NMHH as per Section 44 (1) of the Act, except for resolutions where appeals are not permitted pursuant to Act CXL of 2004 on the General Rules of Administrative Proceedings and Services (hereinafter: Administrative Proceedings Act) or the Electronic Communications Act.

Clients may appeal to the Media Council against the Authority’s official decisions in accordance with Section 165 (1) of the Media Act, with the exception of decisions against which no appeal is permitted under the Administrative Proceedings Act or the Media Act.