The NMHH prepares to auction new, previously unused frequencies

Published: 8 November 2022

The documentation of the auction announced for the 32 GHz frequency band is now available on the website of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH, the Authority). The NMHH will hold a consultation for the market players on 22 November 2022.

The NMHH will award the lots of the 32 GHz frequency band using a new technology, through electronic bidding. The procedure is open to anyone, and bidders can apply and submit their bids via a dedicated IT system developed for this purpose. The procedure, similarly to previous frequency auction procedures, guarantees the fairness of the bidding process. Not only the bids, but also the identity and number of bidders will remain unknown to the applicants and the Authority until the application process is closed.

The 32 GHz frequency band is currently not in use. Of course, as in all previous competitive procedures, the Authority’s experts carried out measurements to check the clarity of the frequency band, which they found to be satisfactory.

Entitlements to a total of 672 megahertz frequency will be offered in the auction. These will be allocated by the Authority in a total of 24 units, in duplex 28 MHz blocks. As a result of the auction, the opportunity to operate microwave systems in the 32 GHz frequency band within the framework of block management will be ensured, offering an alternative to the operators of systems currently operating in the 26 GHz frequency band to switch frequency band. As the 26 GHz frequency band is one of the 5G pioneer bands and is currently not yet in use for 5G, the Authority will also use the auction to facilitate the use of the 26 GHz frequency band for 5G as soon as possible.

In line with its tried and tested professional approach, and in accordance with international trends, the Authority has established the reserved price through benchmarking. Unlike the last auctions, there will be no bidding in the classic sense this time. If the number of bids received exceeds the number of blocks offered for sale and there is a tie for the 24th block, applicants with identical bids will have the opportunity to submit counter-offers and thereby raise their previously offered price.

Before starting the auction procedure, the NMHH will consult with interested parties in accordance with the legal requirements. Within thirty days of the publication of the draft documentation, any person may send to the Authority in writing any views, suggestions or other comments concerning the draft documentation. In the framework of the conciliation process, the NMHH will hold a consultation with stakeholders on 22 November 2022. The documentation of the auction can be downloaded from the Authority’s website.