Filter software products against harmful internet content, child lock

Before you establish any advanced technology around you children, you need to know that according to various surveys, the most effective line of defence is the attentive parent, who talks to the child, listens to what he or she has to say and primarily sets an example of general critical thinking and established family values.

Over two-thirds of Hungarian children between 9 and 16 have their own profiles at least on one social media network. According to surveys, over 80 percent of children have smartphones and an increasing number of them use full-fledged, internet-ready tablets.

It is important to known that in addition to the lots of useful information, program and applications, the internet is full of threats to minors (pornography, violence, privacy abuse, harassment, etc.), against which you can and should protect them. Just think about is: close to one-fourth of interviewed children have reported that they shared contacts with a person over the internet they had never seen before, and close to one-third of them actually met such a new “buddy”.

Therefore, in addition to improving general media literacy and media awareness, we need to use technical solutions that protect children from harmful content. As of 1 July 2014, internet service providers are required to provide those interested with some child protection filter software for download and use. Many parents have heard about such software but barely one-tenth have ever used them. More widespread application requires us to understand that supervision is not against but actually in the interest of the child. This is how you protect your child against unsolicited content, the damaged caused by excessive computer and internet use, information leaks and other threats.

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority has collected some of the relevant solutions currently available on the market. Some are in Hungarian, some others are in English, some are freeware, some require a subscription, and some are available only for schools. We recommend you think about what you need about a filter software and select the one that best suits your needs. Click HERE for details.

With consideration to the above, NMHH recommends a filter software (not a freeware) that you can download in a few steps and it offers comprehensive protection:

Functions of the Norton Family filter program:

Web supervision

The software allows your children to freely discover the internet but keeps you informed about the websites they visited, and equips you with tools to help your children avoid content inappropriate to them.

Social network supervision

The application helps you identify your children’s social media using habits, including how often they login to Facebook from the computer and what name and age they use in their profiles.

Search supervision

Identifies the works and expressions your children use in the searches launched on the computers so that you will know what they are interested in and can keep them away from inappropriate content.

Personal information protection

Helps prevent your children from inadvertently giving out personal information while using the computer, including their phone numbers, address, school name or email address.

Time limit

You can specify the amount of time your children can spend online when using the computer. You can simply set a time limit or you can prepare a schedule for the days and times when your children can be online.

Email alerts

You are informed when your children are attempting to access a blocked website so that you can start a conversation with them about what content is appropriate to them.

Access request

Supports open discussion: your children can send you messages directly via the Norton Family application if they would like to request an exception to the policy or would like to get access to a blocked website.

Parent mobile app (to be downloaded separately)

Continuously informs you about your children’s online activities using iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ mobile devices and you can make configuration changes while on the road.