Trust services and electronic signature

The Authority performs regulatory activities with regards to the so-called trust services. Secure online administration services are collectively referred to as trust services because there is a great deal of mistrust in online services among consumers, businesses and authorities alike.

Our goal is to build systems that people can trust and will actually use, as this would be more economical and convenient for everyone. In that regard, NMHH registers and supervises providers of trust services residing, or possessing a registered seat or location in Hungary, organisations certifying the compliance of tools generating qualified electronic signatures and electronic timestamps, as well as the tools generating qualified electronic signatures and electronic stamps that have been certified in Hungary.

The functions of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority with regards to the services related to electronic signatures are as follows:

  • monitors if the service provider complies with the provisions of the law, the provider’s own rules and the terms and conditions outlined in the GTC;
  • imposes sanctions on non-compliant service providers: the Authority may issue a notice to the service provider, ban the use of technologies and applications, suspend the operation of the service provider, revoke its certificate, impose a fine or remove the service provider from the registry.
  • monitors the development of technological and cryptographic algorithms relevant to electronic signatures and incorporates in a resolution the safe algorithms service providers may use in their services as well as the requirements relevant to their application with specific parameters.
  • publishes a list of the commitments to the certificates issued by foreign authentication service providers and the affected foreign authentication service providers;
  • keeps up-to-date records of the following:
    • registers providers of services related to non-qualified and qualified electronic signatures;
    • registers voluntary accreditation systems and the service providers certified under those systems;
    • registers the organizations authorized to certify signature devices and other electronic signature products and supervises the designated organizations;
    • registers the signature devices and other electronic signature products certified by the authorized certification organizations;
    • registers the service experts on electronic signature.

The records on electronic signatures are available at the following link: