Media surveillance activity in the case of website considered online media products

Pursuant to the relevant provisions of the Media Act, of all the content available on the internet, only websites considered as online media products (online newspapers and news portals) are within the competence of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The Authority has no surveillance power of online content not considered online media products. The Authority does not proceed in requests for press correction also pertaining to online press products as this legal institution is regulated within the framework of civil procedures; therefore, pertaining action may be filed only with a civil court.

However, the Authority is responsible for the registration and record-keeping of print and online press products. The data recorded in the registers with regards to the title of the press product as well as the name and contact information of the press product founders and publishers are public and are available on the website of the Authority.


Pursuant to the Media Act, the Media Council is entitled to cooperate with self-regulatory organisations for the efficient implementation of the objectives and principles of legislation pertaining to media governance and in order to facilitate voluntary compliance. In the context of this cooperation, the Media Council signed an agreement on online press products and on-demand media services with the Association of Hungarian Content Providers, Hungarian Association of Electronic Broadcasting Services, and the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board. Under the authority granted by the Media Council and with the financial support of the Council, the organisations perform administrative functions, without the powers of a public authority, and the Media Council supervises the performance of the tasks at hand.

Misleading information on the website

NMHH has no competence in the case of fake news and misleading information on websites, even if published on a website qualified as a press product. Such issues may be investigated in the proceedings by the police, the Hungarian Competition Authority or the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection. If concerns are raised with regards to the content of a website, the specific article or some other content may provide the grounds to start proceedings against the publisher thereof. This is how, for instance, a press correction lawsuit may be launched, or any claim for the violation of privacy (defamation, harm to one’s good reputation) may be remedied in court and not through NMHH. However, you may used the Internet Hotline report page operated by NMHH as part of its social responsibility programmes, where staff members of the Authority help consumer contact the appropriate organization and initiate the applicable proceeding.