We tend to travel abroad more frequently and we do not like to give up the comfort of using our mobile phone or browse the internet while on the road. Luckily, mobile telephony abroad, especially in EU member states, has become an accessible and natural convenience to an increasing number of people. However, tariffs and terms may differ significantly not only between the various service providers but also depending on the tariff package and additional services.

Pursuant to the currently effective legislation, tariffs are charged in two steps. The rules effective since 30 April 2016 will remain in force until 14 June 2017. Then consumers, while observing certain limitations on reasonable use, may use mobile internet with domestic tariffs abroad, with no roaming surcharge.

Until then, before you go on a trip abroad, you should consult the NMHH website about the legislative background and your service provider about the tariffs in effect. Since April 2016, tariffs abroad depend on the subscribers’ domestic tariffs, on top of which the service provider can charge a roaming surcharge as indicated in the table below.

30 April 2016 –
14 June 2017

Upper limit of the roaming surcharge in addition to the tariff of the domestic call

Maximum amount of the roaming tariff and the domestic call rate (price cap)

Outgoing calls

net EUR 0.05 per minute
currently gross HUF 19.23 per minute

max. EUR 0.19 per minute; currently gross HUF 72.86 per minute

Incoming calls

net EUR 0.0114 per minute
currently gross HUF 4.38 per minute

max. EUR 0.05 per minute; currently gross HUF 19.17 per minute – this is free in Hungary*

Sending an SMS

net EUR 0.02 per minute
currently gross HUF 7.69 per SMS

max. net EUR 0.06 per SMS, currently HUF 23.01 per SMS

Data traffic

net EUR 0.05 per MB
currently gross HUF 19.23 per MB

max. net EUR 0.20 per MB, currently gross HUF 76.69 per MB

HUF prices are gross prices and include VAT. EUR prices are net values as listed in the decree
* If a Hungarian citizen with a Hungarian subscription receives a call from abroad, it is free. If a foreign citizen receives a call in Hungary, he/she pays max. HUF 19.17.

NMHH has released a short film to raise awareness to changing roaming tariffs valid until 14 June 2017: