Reporting spam and unsolicited promotional emails

One of the drawbacks of internet activities is unsolicited electronic ads we face almost on a daily basis. The easiest and most effective means of protection is an email filter software or a spam filter service offered by the email service provider.

In addition, if you receive Hungarian language electronic ads or those clearly targeting Hungarian addressees either in email, SMS, MMS or fax, and the message is unsolicited or it contains no information on how to unsubscribe, or you continue to get the message even after you unsubscribe, then you can turn to NMHH. However, pursuant to the relevant legislation, NMHH may only proceed with regards to electronic ads sent to natural persons but has no powers to proceed in other types of unsolicited emails (e.g. virus emails, funny images, videos, chain emails, foreign language emails, etc.). In these cases you can rely or spam filtering applications or the computer’s firewall, and you need to keep your email address confidential.

You can submit a request or a report using the form published by the authority.