Internet Hotline – hotline to report harmful content

Operated by NMHH, the Internet Hotline is available to the public for reporting online content that is illegal or harmful to minors.

The report can be submitted in the following categories:

  • content made accessible without permission (e.g. abusing a photo);
  • pedophile content;
  • harassment;
  • racist or xenophobic content;
  • content portraying violence;
  • content promoting drug use;
  • content inciting acts of terrorism, promoting or contributing to terrorism;
  • data phishing sites, content infected with viruses, spyware or worms;
  • other content harmful to minors.

In the fight against illegal online content, the Internet Hotline works closely with the Hungarian Police. Being an active member of INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines) greatly facilitates taking action against paedophile content, whether hosted in Hungary or abroad.

Once a report is filed, it will be evaluated by Internet Hotline personnel and if the reported content is found to be objectionable — that is, either illegal, or legal but harmful to minors —, the content owner or the affected host is notified to take the questioned content offline. In case of content that, while not illegal, is harmful or dangerous to minors, Internet Hotline associates call on the operator of the website or the server to clearly indicate on the website that it may be detrimental to minors.

Ratio of claims until 2015

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