Device surveillance

In everyday life, communications or infocommunications and media technology devices demonstrate the most spectacular progress. Due to their great practical use, wireless applications have become increasingly popular. When we use their services, we do not even think about how they work.

However, all of us are probably aware that these devices emit radio waves during their operation. The various devices – whether they are headsets, car alarms or mobile phones – can only operate in frequencies allocated to them according to strictly defined rules. Fixed in standards and regulations, these rules ensure their interference-free operation.

Look for the CE logo

CE-logó (640x480px)We all use equipment that require electricity to operate: microwave oven, telephone, hair-dryer and many others. Sometimes these devices emit electromagnetic signals that interfere with the intended operation of another device, i.e. (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) is prevented. A well-known example is that radio-controlled cars purchased from America or Asia do not comply with Hungarian standards and may interfere with mobile phone calls. Devices not operating as intended may interfere with devices using radio or wireless communication. These may include communication systems of ships, agricultural machinery or aircraft, the interference of which may have severe consequences. Therefore, very strict rules apply to manufacturers, importers and distributors not to market any equipment whose radio signals may interfere with devices used in Hungary. The list of forbidden equipment is published on the NMHH website. If you import such equipment from abroad, it is important to check its packaging or the information provided whether it can be used in Hungary and if it has the CE logo (Conformité Europenne), which indicates that the device complies with all European regulations.

Forbidden equipment

NMHH maintains a database of forbidden radio frequency equipment, which you can check at the link below. Make sure you get the relevant information before you purchase such a device.