Media surveillance activity

We monitor the content aired on the radio

Legislative provisions applicable to all Hungarian radio media content providers are set out in the Media Act. NMHH is a competent organisation overseeing the compliance of affected media.

The number of violations has steadily decreased over the years since the Media Act entered into force in 2010, which demonstrates that media service providers strive to be compliant. By imposing penalties in relation to violations, the Media Council intends to encourage televisions and radios to provide services in compliance with the Media Act to ensure that viewers and listeners enjoy programmes compliant with statutory regulations. Therefore, the inspection of content is an important part of media surveillance, in particular, content harmful to minors, issues pertaining to human dignity, and the desire for balanced coverage. However, the legislation does not enable the Media Council to inspect balanced coverage cases ex officio regarding the information communicated in television or radio programmes; it can only do so in response to specific requests being filed. Apart from the Media Council, the Office of the NMHH may also impose fines on the operators of media services. It must be noted that the legal institutions of correction are regulated within the framework of civil procedures; therefore, pertaining action may be filed only with a civil court. The NMHH has no jurisdiction to proceed with correction requests.