Films sponsored under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme of the Media Council of NMHH

Whenever it appears at the end of a film that the production was sponsored by the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, it means that the film received funding from the film programme of the Media Council.

One of the main branches of the tendering system operated by the Media Council as the independent organisation of NMHH is specialized in Hungarian, non-feature television, radio and online content. By law, the Media Council is required to improve media literacy and thereby give Hungarian film makers a chance to create documentaries, educational programmes, short films, television films, animations, radio plays and online broadcast films. Some of the most popular productions sponsored by this programme include Demimonde (Félvilág), a television film by Attila Szász set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the multi-award winner nature film Wild Kunság (Vad Kunság) by Szabolcs Mosonyi, or the Oscar winner Sing (Mindenki) by Kristóf Deák.

The other segment of the programme sponsors local and regional television and radio stations in a tender scheme to cover their overhead costs, technical improvements or the costs of their radio or television programmes. These tendering opportunities provide crucial financial resources for local media to play their role as information sources and quality entertainment venues in local communities.

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