Television stations in Hungary

NMHH registers media services, including all Hungarian television stations.

Visit the link below to see the various categories of the database of media services, including linear (i.e. broadcast in real-time), on-demand (i.e. to view at any time using the internet), television stations secured via tenders and public service televisions. Currently you can select from over 600 television (audiovisual) media services in Hungary, most of them linear: 37 local television stations with frequencies awarded at tenders, 426 registered (385, i.e. the majority of them also local) and six public service channels. The number of on-demand television stations in Hungary is around 137.

These are only approximate figures as they dynamically change due to the continuously changing market. Click here for up-to-date figures: Register of media services

The following infographic indicates the number of television sets of each category currently used in Hungary.

Register of media services