What you need to know about television subscriber agreements

Operators providing subscription services such as the businesses offering television subscriptions, are required to develop their own general contracting terms (GTC), which must be communicated to each subscriber before contract conclusion.

NMHH registers these GTCs and the list included 132 operating television service providers at the end of 2015. NMHH not only registers changes in those services but, in the consumers’ interest, may control in advance and monitor compliance with the effective legislation during their application. Also registered by NMHH, changes in the GTCs mainly concerned the following areas: the conclusion and terms of subscriber agreements, the termination of subscriber agreements, charges, the payment of charges, invoicing, damages and liquidated damages, and the means of disabling and restricting the service.

In addition to the general terms and conditions, the Authority also pays attention to the individual subscriber terms and conditions. There are a number of rules to protect subscriber interests when contracting with the service provider. For instance, the service provider may not unilaterally modify tariffs of contracts with a loyalty period, and all the conditions of promotional offers must be listed in the GTCs.

The service provider may change tv channel packages in two cases by reference to a material change in circumstances. One is when the period for which the service provider agreed to include the specific channel in its tariff package offering as listed in its GTC and its website has expired. The second case is when the service provider claims that the change is justified by audience ratings based on residential surveys or a contractual relationship with the media service provider (the producer of the channel).

This topic is explained in an animated short film portraying the Careful family who explain the details of the relevant decree: www.youtube.com/nmhhvideo

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