NMHH provides the frequencies where television programmes are broadcast

NMHH is responsible for the management of the frequency assets of Hungary. Frequency management comprises activities intended to serve the regulated national and international use of the radio spectrum.

In addition to telecommunications frequencies (where mobile phone networks operate), NMHH’s competence also extends to the tender procedures pertaining to frequencies that can be utilised for media services, i.e. television and radio services, and to the allocation of these frequencies. A number of local and nationwide networks can broadcast their programmes; thereby, NMHH ensures that a great variety of television content are provided to Hungarian viewers. It is also important to note that frequency allocation is always preceded by international coordination to avoid interferences as frequencies do not stop at state borders. Therefore, NMHH maintains daily contact with a number of international organisations to ensure the smooth performance of this activity. For more information on NMHH’s pursuits in spectrum allocation, visit stir.nmhh.hu.