Media surveillance activity

We monitor the content shown on television

Legislative provisions applicable to all Hungarian media content providers are set out in the Media Act. NMHH oversees compliance with the law by the affected media, including televisions. All of this is important to provide players of the media market with a predictable environment to operate in, as well as to ensure the protection of consumers in the most effective way possible.

Therefore, the inspection of content is an important part of media surveillance, in particular, content harmful to minors, issues pertaining to human dignity, and the desire for balanced coverage. The authority on its own monitors whether media service providers comply with these requirements; however, investigation of specific cases may be requested directly. To submit a request, click HERE. The law does not allow for an ex officio proceeding by the Media Council if there is an issue of balanced coverage with regards to the information aired on the radio or on television. In such cases the Council proceeds only when requested. Each year the Authority reports to the Hungarian Parliament about such cases and the text versions of the reports are published on its website.


Within the context of co-regulation, the Authority collaborates with professional organizations in that regard as well. With regards to televisions, the Authority has made an agreement with the Hungarian Association of Electronic Broadcasting Services; thus, under the authority granted by the Media Council, the organisation performs administrative functions, without the powers of a public authority, and the Media Council supervises the performance of the tasks at hand.