Where do all printed media products published in Hungary get collected, and is launching a newspaper subject to a licence?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Media Act, the NMHH maintains a register of print media products, as well as online media products and news portals.

At present, there are over 5,800 reported print media products in Hungary. The official database of print media products contains the contact details and information of respective founders and publishers. For information purposes, this list also includes periodicals that were registered by the National Office of Cultural Heritage or its legal predecessors prior to 1 January 2012. Official certificates or copies of records can be issued upon request by eligible clients. The registry can be accessed at: https://sajtopub.nmhh.hu/sajto_kozzetetel/app/index.jsp?lang=1

Under prevailing legislation, launching a newspaper is not subject to a prior licence: all it takes is to notify the NMHH of the print media product that is being published by a publisher established in Hungary within 60 days of commencement of operation. Registration may be requested by the affected publisher or founder. After submitting the necessary information, the print media product will be automatically entered into NMHH’s registry without any further licensing needed for publication. The provisional titles of new print media products are checked for uniqueness and unmistakability by the Authority on a per case basis, with the approval decision being based on all the circumstances of the given case.