Postal Surveillance – Hungary as a Founding Member

Last updated: 5 September 2022

Hungary is among the founding members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which, since 1874, unites the world’s postal service providers and their regulatory authorities. In the Union’s international endeavours, Hungary is represented, in addition to the NMH, by the State Secretary for National Financial Services and Postal Affairs, and Magyar Posta Zrt.

Hungarian postal surveillance encompasses the comprehensive supervision of the domestic postal market, the systematic and regular inspection of areas affecting a broad spectrum of users, as well as general and individual official assessments.

The NMHH may also proceed whenever reports or requests are filed. If a postal service fails to meet the pertaining statutory requirements or terms of business, the client may lodge oral or written complaints with the service provider within 6 months of the postage date, in which case the service provider has 30 days to investigate. If the client having lodged the complaint does not accept the response given, or the provider fails to respond within said period, the complainant may escalate the unresolved matter to the NMHH. The Authority will then assess the legitimacy of how the complaint was handled and, where justified, will take official action either on a per-case or comprehensive basis.

It is important to know that, on an annual basis, postal service providers are required to report to the NMHH on complaints received and managed, and to publish the report on their own website.