Contracting with a service provider

If you have a phone (or internet or TV) subscription, you must be familiar with the term General Terms and Conditions (GTC). The GTC is a part of the subscriber agreement and is governing to all contracts. Many sign and accept these terms without actually reading them, even though these documents include lots of information that determine what the service provider and the subscriber can do for the duration of the contract.

NMHH is tasked with reviewing and registering these GTC’s. In addition, NMHH, upon request or in ex officio proceedings, checks the lawfulness of the GTC’s and whether service providers act in compliance with their respective GTC’s.

In addition to accepting the general terms and conditions, you also need to sign a subscriber agreement to use a service. NMHH also ensures that these contracts do not include any provisions discriminating against subscribers. In addition to studying those documents, you should also set aside some time to read the key sections of the GTC’s on the websites of the service providers before you sign your contract. Background provisions, among others, ensure that the balance on your prepaid subscription is not lost even if not used for calls but it can be reclaimed from the service provider.