Spectrum management

The Government’s public administration function pertaining to non-civil frequency management is provided by Office of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority. The acting body in these matters is the Defence and Law Enforcement Frequency Management Directorate (VRFGI/NARFA HU).

In exercising its responsibilities and powers, VRFGI/NARFA HU

  1. assesses and evaluates national needs of non-civil frequency use in Hungary, national and international trends and obligations arising from international regulations;
  2. initiates the review of national frequency allocation and rules of spectrum use (the NFFF Decree) as required and makes proposals for their amendment;
  3. performs frequency management analysis and assessment on the introduction of new radio services and systems; makes proposals for the conditions of their implementation and requirements for their use;
  4. assesses and analyses the Hungarian context of spectrum use within the scope of the European harmonisation of frequency spectrum and provides information for the relevant international surveys;
  5. participates in the development of civil and non-civil spectrum sharing, spectrum use and spectrum reallocation plans as well as the radiocommunications and radio spectrum policy;
  6. prepares the representation of the interests of non-civil (including NATO) frequency use during the international activities of the Hungarian communication administration;
  7.  contributes to adoption and maintenance of national positions.