International relations

Within the international relations of the NMHH, VRFGI/NARFA HU – as the responsible entity for non-civil frequency management – has an important role.

Primarily, VRFGI/NARFA HU participates in the work of those international organizations which activities have or could have an impact on the non-civil frequency usage in Hungary furthermore the allied (NATO) frequency interests.

In order to achieve the objectives of VRFGI/NARFA HU at international level, its experts assigned regularly take part in activities and work of the organizations concerned, namely in the ITU, CEPT, EDA study and working groups, project teams or in the NATO capability panels and teams (see also the link: International relations of the NMHH). These bodies deal, inter alia, with the following main fields:

  • Development of frequency allocation plans for different radio services, applications and proposals for the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRCs);
  • Elaborating the issues related to the European frequency harmonization;
  • Military and civil-military cooperation concerning the frequency management;
  • Development of the NATO Position for the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRCs).

During the activities of these organizations, VRFGI/NARFA HU represents the Hungarian non-civil frequency interests taking into consideration the NATO Position on the issue negotiated. NATO representatives are usually delegated to the meetings concerned generally with observer status so they have no voting right. Therefore, the member states of the alliance are responsible for supporting the allied frequency interests by their delegates.