Information on 7/2015. (XI. 13.) NMHH Decree (NFFF)

Published: 9 July 2018

The decree defines the allocation of national frequency bands and regulates the use of frequencies. The use of the provisions of the decree is essential for the frequency assignment, radio licences and for the use of frequencies.

It also contains the basic definitions and table of frequency allocations according to the ITU Radio Regulations (RR), including the relevant footnotes, the definitions of the term RR, as well as the acronyms and abbreviations used by RR.

It provides for the national frequency allocation per frequency band, radio service, indicating civil, non-civil or joint use.

It lays down rules for the use of frequencies, stating the name, nature and availability of the applications and the relevant documents and other rules.

The decree also lays down the international co-ordination rules, certain requirements for use outside of Hungary, the interpretation of the acronyms and abbreviations used, and the list of the documents referred to.