Information on 12/2011. (XII. 16.) of the NMHH (Nr.)

Come into force: 1 October 2022

The decree defines the order of frequency management for non-civil purposes, the related official tasks, the organizations belonging to it (non-civil users) and the tasks of the Office (VRFGI/NARFA HU).

Non-civil users according to the decree:

  1. the military,
  2. national security services,
  3. the responsible body for internal crime prevention and detection,
  4. the anti-terrorism body,
  5. the responsible body for general police functions,
  6. the professional disaster management body,
  7. the punishment execution body,
  8. customs and investigative bodies of the National Tax and Customs Board,
  9. the Governmental Communications Service Provider for the Private Law Enforcement Network, the K-600 / KTIR Communications and Information System and the Unified Digital Radiocommunication System.

Other clients of the Office (VRFGI/NARFA HU):

  • NATO-led forces licensed in the territory or airspace of Hungary, as well as guest forces of NATO member states and other Participating States of the Partnership for Peace (NATO users),
  • organizations producing and certifying radio equipment subject to non-civil frequency management.

The Office operates a forum for users to coordinate the interests, make advises and comments on non-civil frequency management, which works to ensure consistency between non-civil spectrum users and to assert their interests.