Postal intermediaries and contributors

Postal contributor: a business entity used by the postal operator, on the basis of a services concession contract or any other type of contract to carry out an activity, to independently perform any and all of the following: accept, collect, process, transport and deliver mail within a specific administrative area.

Postal consolidator: a sender who typically enters into a postal service contract with the postal operator in its own name with regard to mail with contents related to the commercial or other activities of the consolidator’s principals.

The activities of postal intermediaries, postal contributors and postal consolidators are not considered postal services, thereby being exempt from the reporting obligation to the Authority.

Postal intermediary: a business entity conducting activities for one or more principals whereby it undertakes to:

  1. post mail of its principals, identified on items of mail as “senders”, on behalf of their senders so as to have the principal indicated on the item of mail as “sender” pay the charge for the service;
  2. use the authorisation given by its principals to take receipt of mail sent to post office boxes of its principals as business entities, identified on items of mail as “senders”, from the postal operator and delivers it to its principals.