Market research

NMHH regularly monitors the Hungarian telecommunication (electronic communication) market in order to gain a more thorough understanding of consumers’ usage habits, opinions and potential problems.

The Authority conducts regular scheduled analyses as well as one-off research into specific topics. These surveys are always on a large representative sample from across the entire country, enabling NMHH to produce even better and more reliable estimates concerning the phenomena on the telecommunications market, the differences between different consumer groups and the changes over time.

Today, the Authority produces three standard surveys every year, consistently using the same methodology; all of these surveys are carried out in the last quarter of the year. Each survey looks into the spread of new technologies and new usage habits, the parallel survival or gradual phasing out of more conventional solutions, their impacts on our lifestyles and the possible motivations for consumer habits and decisions.

Of NMHH’s regular standard surveys, one looks at business subscribers, the other one examines Hungarian households, and the third one surveys the internet user population living in Hungary. The studies written on the basis of the annual surveys are published by the Authority on this site in the spring of the following year.

NMHH’s thematic surveys include, for example, our surveys preparing and laying the groundwork for the digital switchover, as well as our research into consumer awareness, accessible communication and children’s understanding of the media and telecommunications.

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