Market reports

NMHH regularly monitors the changes on the supply side of communication markets and, as part of this process, publishes two flash reports every month based on figures from the most important communications providers.

The Landline Flash Report provides a comprehensive view of the market of landline voice services based on voice channel number and traffic data, explaining the reach of the different technologies and any changes in the same, describing the changes in call durations, and enabling the monitoring of shares in the market of landline telephone services on the basis of voice channel numbers.

The other part of the Landline Flash Report provides information about the number of subscriptions on the market of fixed internet services, separately for the different technologies. The Report helps the monitoring of the spread of the various technologies and the changes in the market shares of individual providers.

The Television Flash Report contains periodic information about the market of pay broadcasting services. It helps the monitoring, in a breakdown by individual technologies, of the changes in the number of subscriptions and the degree of digitalization. In addition, it offers a view of the market shares of providers, also in a breakdown by technologies.