Three operators participate in the 32 GHz frequency award procedure

Published: 3 April 2023

On 13 March, three operators submitted their applications electronically for the auction of lots in the frequency band defined by the NMHH.

After the opening of the applications for participation submitted as part of the applications on 14 March, in the presence of a notary, it was established that Magyar Telekom Nyrt, CETIN Hungary Zrt and Vodafone Magyarország Zrt submitted applications for the procedure.

Based on the results of the formal validity check of the applications for participation, the NMHH registered all three applicants in the auction register on 3 April.

The procedure will continue with the opening and evaluation of the offers submitted in the course of the application process.

Following the conclusion of the auction, the NMHH provides information on how much frequency the individual operators have acquired and at what price.

The entitlements to radio spectrum use to be awarded in the 32 GHz frequency band will be valid for fifteen years from the date of acquisition, renewable once for five years.