Nearly HUF 75 million worth of grants for programme production to twenty-five local and regional radio stations

Published: 19 February 2020

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has decided on programme production grants for seventeen commercial, five community and three small-community service providers. The Council has finalised the call for applications for radio frequencies in Sopron and Nagykanizsa.

Seventeen commercial, five community and three small-community radios will receive grants amounting to HUF 74.2 million from the Media Council in the fourth round of the 2019 tender for the production of news as well as thematic and public interest infotainment programmes. According to the Council’s decision, the winners of the news programme category include Érd FM 101.3, Csillagpont Rádió of Miskolc, Mustár Rádió of Nyíregyháza, 100.4 Rádió 1 of Salgótarján, Best FM Budapest, 91.1 Rádió1 Sirius of Kiskunfélegyháza, Rádió 7 of Hódmezővásárhely, FM90 Campus Rádió of Debrecen, Aktív Rádió 93.8 of Karcag as well as Csaba Rádió of Békéscsaba and Mega Rádió of Orosháza. Grants for public infotainment programmes were awarded to Európa Rádió of Debrecen, Pont Rádió of Mezőtúr, Rádió1 Sopron, 99.4 Rádió 1 of Komló, 104.0 Rádió 1 of Békéscsaba, Amadeus Rádió of Szolnok, 100.7 Best FM of Eger, 103.9 Best FM of Nyíregyháza, Turul Média Kft. of Tatabánya, Sárvár Rádió, KORONAfm100 of Kalocsa and Karc FM of Budapest. Balaton Rádió of Siófok and SOLA Rádió of Budapest received grants for the production of thematic infotainment programmes.

The Council finalised the calls for tender for the community use of the Sopron 98.4 MHz and Nagykanizsa 100.7 MHz local radio frequencies, which will be published on its website on Friday. Bids may be submitted on 27 March and 1 April, respectively. The Council adopted draft invitations to tender for the prospective use of small-community radio media service opportunities for sites in Szentendre and Gyomaendrőd, which are to be published on its website on Thursday.