Antenna Hungária is the sole bidder for the national terrestrial digital television broadcasting entitlement

Published: 15 May 2019

On 14th May, the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) registered the current operator as the sole bidder in the tender for the entitlement for the operation of national digital terrestrial television broadcasting networks. The authority now undertakes the substantive examination of the bid submitted by Antenna Hungária Zrt. The results are expected to be announced in June.

After calling for technical opinions on the draft on 7th March, the call for tenders was published by the NMHH and was open to bids until 30th April; the current operator was the only one to submit a bid. Following a formal examination of its bid, the NMHH registered Antenna Hungária Zrt. as a bidder on 14th May and duly published an official statement to that effect on its website.

In the next phase of the procedure, the NMHH undertakes the substantive examination of the bid and is expected to announce the results on that basis in June.

National terrestrial digital television broadcasting networks are currently operated and utilised by Antenna Hungária Zrt. through the MinDig TV service range. Granted in 2008, the entitlement will expire in September 2020. The successful bidder will be entitled to operate the networks with the same technology as is currently used for a period of twelve years from expiry, ensuring that public service broadcasts remain available in the same quality and with current receivers free of charge, with a coverage of at least 98 per cent of the population. The successful bidder will be required to establish new networks with more advanced technology to be able to provide subscription services based on market agreements.