The Media Council to initiate an official procedure because of the programme “Szenzációs négyes”

Published: 4 October 2018

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) Media Council is launching an official procedure on the age rating of the programme “Szenzációs négyes” of RTL Klub, following several complaints received by the authority after the first show. In its session this week, the body also decided to conclude a temporary public contract with the operators of Budapest-based Jazzy Radio Sunshine FM operating in Nyíregyháza.

The Media Council is examining the adequacy of the age rating of the show “Szenzációs négyes”

The authority has received several complaints in recent weeks on the 2 September show of the programme “Szenzációs négyes” (“The Sensational Four”) of RTL Klub, which prompted the Media Council to investigate whether the television violated the provisions on classification of the media law with the age rating of the programme. The complainants criticized the nudity shown in the programme and the ambiguous comments of sexual nature which, in their view, were distasteful, indecent and may have had impaired the mental development of minors under the age of sixteen. The complainants argued that the channel broadcast the show with the incorrect age rating of Category III, which means a show “Not recommended for audiences under the age of twelve”.

The body also decided to conclude a temporary contract with the operators of Jazzy Radio and Sunshine FM

The Media Council decided to conclude a temporary public contract for sixty days – between October 28 and December 26 – with the operator of the Budapest-based Jazzy Radio, as its media service provision rights for the South-Budapest 90.9 MHz radio frequency will expire at the end of October 2018, after twelve years. The tender procedure of the frequency was launched in early September.

The body is also concluding a provisional public contract for 60 days, for the second time, with the operator of Sunshine FM for the Nyíregyháza 99.4 MHz commercial frequency for the period between 12 October and 10 December, whose tender procedure started at end of May.

Furthermore, the Council made a decision to request information in the content analysis of Kaposvár 99.9 MHz radio frequency tender, in order to clarify further facts with Mambó Rádió Kft., the sole tenderer to meet all formal conditions.