NMHH Media Council: HUF 25 Million for Tenders on Online Media Content

Published: 26 October 2017

At its weekly session on 24 October, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) accepted the text of the call for tenders in the framework of the 2017 János Neumann tender and allocated HUF 25 million to support the production of Hungarian and cross-border public service online content.

Multimedia applications, installations and plans for virtual exhibitions may also be submitted as applications for the 2017 Neumann János tender for non-repayable grants for online programmes, as accepted at the Media Council’s weekly session. The purpose of the tender announced in the framework of the Hungarian Media Patronage programme is to provide access to new, valuable and original public service content in the supply of online media services. HUF 20 million worth of funds have been allocated again this year for successful tenders, whilst the Media Council has designated an additional HUF 5 million forints for cross-border applicants. A single applicant may receive grants of up to HUF one million. What makes the current procedure easier compared to the previous years is that—by adopting the suggestion of higher education institutions—nine months instead of the previous six months are provided for creating the content. One of the requirements is to make the content available online for at least a period of one year. Applications are accepted for the first round of the four-round tendering procedure until 12 noon on 23 November. The invitation to tender and the practical information on tender submissions are listed on the mecenatura.mtva.hu website.

Interax Kft. wins the Békéscsaba radio tender

In the tendering procedure for the Békéscsaba 88.9 MHz local commercial radio frequency—due to changes in the tenderer’s company information—the Media Council conducted an official review of its ruling and determined that the bid of Radio Plus Kft. is void due to its formal invalidity and, therefore, the winner is the other tenderer, Interax Kft., which submitted a tender valid in both its form and substance.

In the procedure for the usage of the 101.6 MHz local radio frequency, the Council accepted the correction of the irregularities by the sole tenderer, Fontana Média Kft. and registered the tenderer.