The NMHH Media Council decided on immediate subsidies for two film shoots

Published: 14 September 2017

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) decided to provide an immediate subsidy of a total of HUF 2.4 million for the production costs of films in the subjects of the former Budapest club known as Fekete Lyuk and rhinoceros conservation. The Authority decided to conclude three administrative contracts concerning radio frequencies, clarified the invitation to tender for the opportunity to provide media services in Szolnok and modified its submission deadline.

The Media Council called for a total of HUF 2.4 million worth of support for two films productions through the ad-hoc Károly Escher competition of the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme. Gábor Klacsán intends to shoot a film on the former club known as Fekete Lyuk (Black Hole) where the antecedents of the “cultural change of regime” unfolded, and is planning on interviewing Gyula Nagy, who established and operated the cult venue of the 80s Hungarian underground scene. Nature documentary filmmaker Dávid Attila Molnár is set to record the charity auction of Anton Molnar (Antal Molnár) in early October in Berlin: in his work, the painter of Hungarian descent living in France depicted a rhinoceros, one of the last representatives of its species. There is great deal of interest in the work and the artist intends to use the funds from its sale to support animals in distress. A pre-condition for the subsidy is for the supported artists to submit the completed material for the next documentary and educational film competition of the patronage programme.

The Media Council approved the request of Helikon Rádió Kft. and concluded a temporary administrative contract for an additional sixty day period from 14 September to 12 November in relation to the Keszthely 99.4 MHz and Nagykanizsa 95.6 MHz local radio frequencies with the media service provider currently operating the frequencies. The Authority also approved the request of Rádió 96,3 Kft. operating the Paks 96.3 MHz local radio frequency—broadcasting under the name of Fortuna Radio in the area of reception—and similarly concluded a temporary administrative contract for a sixty day period from 22 October to 20 December.

The Authority modified the invitation to tender for the Szolnok 90.4 MHz local radio frequency published on 31 July: it applied a more legally precise wording so applicants would gain more unambiguous information on the submission criteria. According to the modified invitation to tender for the Szolnok frequency, the new submission deadline – instead of 28 September – is Monday, 13 November.