Reconciliation was performed for 68 percent of prepaid SIM cards

Published: 4 July 2017

The deadline for reconciling data for prepaid SIM cards expired on 30 June and the information submitted to the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) shows that subscribers carried out reconciliation for over two-thirds of all cards with their mobile service providers. For those who missed the deadline, all three operators offer the option to recover their phone numbers and balances by concluding new contracts.

Based on the NMHH’s summary of reports submitted by operators, data reconciliation was performed for over 2.7 million, i.e. 68 percent, of the approximately 4 million SIM cards concerned by midnight, Friday last week.

At the same time, the NMHH notes that data reconciliation may have been deliberately omitted for a large number of unidentified cards as they are no longer in use. In the NMHH’s view, there is no legal impediment for those who failed to perform data reconciliation by the 30 June deadline to recover their phone numbers and balances after deactivation; however, they will have to conclude new contracts.

Telekom, Telenor and Vodafone are all open to concluding terminated contracts again; further details will be provided by the operators.

From the date of entry into force of the relevant Act, the NMHH has been continuously monitoring data reconciliation practices of operators and supporting them with legal interpretation. Now, after the expiry of the deadline, the NMHH will continue monitoring by verifying whether operators have performed data reconciliation as required.