The NMHH website has been renewed

Published: 19 May 2017

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) offers consumers and service providers alike a more informative, logically structured and user-friendly website. The renewal of the website is part of the new shift in identity which the authority began in early 2016, making its diverse and wide-ranging activities more transparent and comprehensible.

Through the launch of the new website – which remains accessible at the address – the authority adopted a customer-oriented, more carefully plotted, unified, logical and transparent website on information of public interest for the subscribers of media and telecommunications services and professionally concerned parties. The main reason of the renewal was to allow for a quick and easy overview of all the activities the authority pursues.

As a continuation of the shift in identity initiated in January of last year, the new website of the NMHH reinforces the authority’s more direct approach and comprehensible communication. One of the visible elements of the website’s renewal is the redesign of the authority’s communication which includes light-hearted, entertaining short films and advertisements for consumers. The NMHH operates numerous websites and these interfaces will follow the renewal of the main portal over the course of this year.

Faster access, more comfortable orientation

The clear front page distinctly separates information for consumers and service providers. For private individuals, browsing can be launched according to the authority’s various activities. The seven main consumer subject fields are covered by: the television, radio, telephone, internet, press, post or film menus. Clicking on the various subjects provides access to all the basic, relevant information collected in a single place: visitors can find out more about important subjects, such as the options of cancelling internet or telephone subscriptions, the protection of minors against damaging media content, the end of roaming fees within the EU or the details on the data reconciliation obligation of prepaid telephone card owners.

Service providers can choose from ten main fields, deciding which group they wish to gain more information on or arrange administrative tasks in, such as the film production, construction management or media monitoring categories.

Inquiring parties can review the authority’s useful applications, lists, databases and measurement applications under a separate menu, which provides users a range of tools with a significant consumer protection aspect: they can measure the speed of their land-based internet service or compare the details of various mobile tariffs available on the market. A dedicated menu has been established for continuously refreshed research data which the authority uses to report on the telecommunications and media market, infrastructural developments and consumer tendencies: i.e. the traffic of art cinemas, the effect of mixed genre series (for example, Éjjel-Nappal Budapest) or the tendencies of postal incomes.

The search function has also been renewed, which offers even more search criteria than before for visitors of the website. We can search according to content type; including news article, research result, resolution or decree categories, whilst separating subjects for service providers and consumers.

The residential notification interface returns in a new format. The function is now available under the various menu items as well as by clicking on the Contact us! menu on the front page. When registering notifications, users receive more structured information on the process of placing a complaint with answers provided to frequently asked questions. Consumers can choose from a list, selecting the category in which they are facing some issue, pinpointing their specific problem and receiving assistance in starting the administrative process in order to decide whether they wish to file a complaint or submit a notification or request, depending on the nature of the matter at hand.