Electronic administration contact point for consumers

Before you continue to click  – the most frequent answers by NMHH:

  • Which category to choose? – Your case may only belong to one of the categories of the three options of reporting, request or complaint. Regardless of the category you select or the manner in which you make your submission, NMHH will always process your case appropriate to the content you communicate. Administration may be speeded up if you use the content categories. If you are unsure about the category your case belongs to, please send an e-mail to NMHH’s customer service at info@nmhh.hu.
  • How long does it take to get an answer from the customer service? – Typically NMHH’s response time is max. 15 days in simple cases and no more than 30 days in more complicated, complex issues. The response from the customer service is designed to provide information about the available procedural options and not to resolve the submission in a regulatory proceeding.
  • Is there any preliminary condition for NMHH to proceed on the merits of the case? Yes, in many cases you are first required to communicate your issue with your service provider. For instance, if you have an issue with the deteriorating quality of an infocommunications service (e.g. slow internet service) or its unavailability (e.g. no dial tone), or you have a problem with a television or radio programme, you first need to communicate your concern to the service provider. If you do not receive an answer or the service provider fails to handle your complaint as per the relevant legislation, you have the option to contact NMHH. The authority, however, may not make a decision regarding the legal dispute on the performance of the contract as this typically belongs to the competence of the courts. If NMHH uncovers a violation of the law based on your communication, the authority may, for instance, impose a fine.
  • Is there any infocommunications or media case that does not belong to NMHH? – Yes, certain complaints about infcommunications and media issues do not belong to the competence of NMHH. For instance, when you only complain about the extent of the subscription fee, the quality of customer service or the content of the invoice issued. In such cases, depending on the specifics of the case, it is often a civil court, or the competent district office of consumer protection with jurisdiction over the case that may proceed. For more information about the competences of NMHH, please send us an e-mail to info@nmhh.hu or call us.