Age rating labels

Rather than a mere decorative element of the screen, the age rating label serves as important information for the viewer

In Hungary today, broadcasters are required to display age rating labels to mark feature films and television shows. In television, the providers themselves decide what age groups a particular programme is recommended for.

If they are uncertain, they may submit the programme to the Media Council and request its advance classification. The Council also conducts ex-post checks of the correct application of age rating labels. Feature films are given their age ratings by the Age Rating Committee; deviations are not allowed.

While the above is aimed at ensuring the healthy psychological and intellectual development of minors and providing free access to media content, the viewer in fact holds the remote control, i.e. the right to decide and select programmes freely and to avoid harmful content.

Adults are helped in their responsibility of choosing programmes by the age rating labels, which show what age children the particular media content is for; the age rating labels are used with television programmes, feature films in cinemas as well as computer and online games, and are displayed on all screens and all packaging.