Public hearing on tasks related to the execution of the National Roadmap for the utilisation of the VHF III. and the UHF frequency bands

Place of event: MOM Kulturális Központ, Kupolaterem
1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.
Date of event: 23 November 2017

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (hereinafter: the Authority) will hold a public hearing pursuant to Section 39(1) Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (hereinafter: Electronic Communications Act) to provide a platform for professional positions and opinions on electronic communications legislation and the measures to enforce those as well as the preparation and elaboration of legal implementation.

The agenda of the public hearing includes informing the market operators as well as familiarizing their opinions on mobile broadband frequency use options and matters related to the use of the VHF frequency band prior to the execution of the frequency management plans outlined in the public hearing held on 11 July 2017 on digital broadcasting and the use of the EU-harmonised 700 MHz frequency band.

The public hearing will take place at 10 am on 23 November 2017 (registration starts at 9:30 am) at the Dome Hall of the MOM Cultural Centre (1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.). The preparatory documents on the subject of the public hearing will be published by the Authority on its website, with the exception of trade secrets, by 13.11.2017 at the latest.

The Authority hereby informs all concerned parties that they may present their positions, recommendations and comments at the public hearing at the latest, in spoken or written form. The Authority will publish electronic documents pertaining to the public hearing sent to the e-mail address on its website by the 8th day preceding the hearing at the latest.

We kindly ask all concerned professionals to RSVP via the e-mail address by 10 November 2017 at the latest. The event is not open to the press.

The Authority will prepare a summary on the public hearing containing the comments and proposals presented and expressed at the hearing, with the exception of data classified by commenters or proposers as trade secrets. The Authority will publish the summary on its website within thirty days of the hearing.