Building the Net-Coach community

The adult education programme of NMHH and Apor Vilmos Catholic College was launched with great interest

Published: 5 April 2024

National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) and Apor Vilmos Catholic College (AVKF) are working together to promote media awareness among children and young people and to strengthen their protection in the online space. On 5 April, the two institutions launched an initiative to this end: the Net-Coach adult education programme and scholarship.

Teachers, teacher trainees and people working in the fields of media communication, vocational training, higher education or psychology could apply for the New Media Pedagogy education programme and scholarship until the beginning of February. There was an extraordinary interest in the training, with almost ten applicants for each place. The 30 students selected can become members of NMHH’s Net-Coach community, meaning that they can become professionals helping young people and families to understand digital media.


“NMHH aims to train 100 new professionals over the next year who will help teachers, parents and young people to better manage the risks of the online world, and the opportunities offered by smart devices and the digital world,” said Norbert Kis, head of the programme. “The programme is of strategic importance in promoting digital media literacy and media culture” he added.

The training will provide participants with skills in consultancy, content development and conflict management related to the challenges of the online space and digital awareness, helping children, young people, school communities and parents develop their digital media literacy.


“At Apor Vilmos Catholic College, we have already held many briefings and lectures for parents. We also address the problems, challenges and of course, opportunities of new media in our trainings. It was therefore natural for us to cooperate with NMHH in the implementation of the Net-Coach training”, added Zoltán Gloviczki, Rector of AVKF.


At the inaugural ceremony of the New Media Pedagogy adult education programme, it was announced that the pilot training will implement a completely new curriculum with a new approach. The sessions are divided equally between theoretical and practical training over several weeks. András Koltay, President of NMHH, and Zoltán Gloviczki, Rector of the Apor Vilmos Catholic College, are the patrons of the programme, while the lecturers include Petra Aczél, Csaba Krasznay, Árpád Rab and Ágnes Veszelszki.


After the evaluation of experience gained from the current course, it is planned to set off a second class in autumn 2024 and to continue the programme every six months in 2025. The training is free of charge – professional and financial support is provided by NMHH – and participants receive a one-off HUF 200,000 scholarship.