NMHH evaluated international reports on media freedom in Hungary

Published: 27 July 2023

Several reports published by international organisations analysing media relations are marred by factual errors, methodological inconsistencies and one-sidedness, according to the NHMM’s study entitled “Evaluation of media freedom reports”.

Media relations in Hungary have been analysed by a number of international organisations over the past years. The National Media and Infocommunications Authority supports all initiatives aimed at professionally assessing the situation of media freedom and pluralism. As a responsible regulatory body, the Authority considers it its duty to draw attention to the professional and methodological concerns found in the reports.

The impartial nature (and thus, the reliability) of the reports is decreased by the fact that the authors of the reports are typically individuals or staff members of organisations that are unilaterally critical of Hungarian media relations. Approaches and professional opinions that differ from their position are regularly excluded from the documents.

The study downloadable as this article’s attachment contains a detailed analysis of the reports issued by the Freedom House, Reporters Without Borders and the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom on Hungary. The Authority trusts that its constructive critical considerations help provide more professionally informed and balanced reports on the situation of media freedom in Hungary in the future. Until then, we recommend reading the annual NMHH Media Market Report, available from here as well.