The 32 GHz frequency awarding auction was successful

24 May 2023

Following an extraordinary procedure, the Office of the NMHH closed the auction procedure for the entitlements to use the 32 GHz band on 23 May. This was the first time that applicants could apply electronically and bid for the lots, starting from the initial bid value specified in the documentation.

During the auction, operators could first submit their offers on 13 March and then, in the second round of bidding, on 25 April, using the electronic forms developed by the NMHH for this purpose.

During the procedure, the operators were able to bid for 24 duplex lots (2x28 MHz of frequencies) offered by the NMHH, of which 18 lots were awarded as follows:

  • Vodafone won 10 lots and the corresponding 560 MHz;
  • Magyar Telekom successfully bid for 6 lots and the corresponding 336 MHz; and
  • CETIN acquired 2 lots and the corresponding 112 MHz.

Figure 1: Spectrum amount acquired in the NMHH frequency auction – broken down by operator

The bidding operators will pay a total of around HUF 970 million for the amount of radio spectrum acquired in the auction.  The quantitative result was followed by the formation of the user blocks, whereby the NMHH positioned the contiguous user blocks within the frequency band, also ensuring that there were no obstacles to the possible future use of the remaining frequencies. The location of the user blocks within the 32 GHz frequency band is shown in the figure below:

Figure 2: The location of the user blocks within the 32 GHz frequency band

Entitlements are valid for fifteen years, until 23 May 2038, and may be extended once for a further five years.

The timely sale of the 32 GHz frequency band contributes to the scheduled clearance of the 26 GHz frequency band and its subsequent use for 5G purposes, and indirectly contributes to increasing domestic 5G coverage.