The Media Council has examined the fulfilment of contractual obligations of a regional radio station

Published: 7 October 2022

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has examined the trailer of the series Dr. Balthazar, which is broadcast on Prime. The Council found irregularities during its investigation of the district radio station Forrás.

A trailer of the episode of Dr. Balthazar on Prime on 2 September has been reported to the Authority.

The notifier complained that the trailer of the programme contained disturbing scenes. Although the media service provider of Prime had rated the programme as not recommended for minors under 15 and broadcast it after 21.00 hours, in accordance with Hungarian rules, it did not take into account that the trailer of a given programme can only be broadcast in the time slots corresponding to the programme’s rating. 

Prime is a company registered in Romania and is therefore subject to Romanian media law, and the Media Council will notify the Romanian counterpart authority (Consiliul Național al Audiovizualului) of the infringement and will forward the results of the investigation and the Authority's position.

The Council found irregularities in the programme structure of a regional radio station

The Media Council examined the programmes of Forrás Rádió aired in the Tabánya-Komárom-Esztergom area in the period 20-26 June. The Authority analysed whether the radio station's programme structure complied with the obligations undertaken in its public contract. The investigation found that the media service provider was offering its listeners fewer news and public service programmes and programmes on local public affairs than it had contractually agreed. The authority therefore imposed a fine on the media service provider of Forrás Rádió.