The majority of television programmes are accessible to viewers with impaired hearing

Published: 14 October 2022

Subtitles or sign language assistance are offered for viewers with impaired hearing in terms of numerous programmes of the national television channels. The quality of these is satisfactory, except for automatic subtitles produced with speech recognition software, which do not yet provide any significant assistance in text comprehension, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has concluded.

The NMHH regularly monitors the accessibility of the programmes of the ten national service providers defined in the Media Act for hearing-impaired viewers, as required by law. The investigation covered six public service channels (M1, M2/Petőfi TV, M4 Sport, M5, Duna Television, Duna World) and four commercial channels (RTL, TV2, Hír TV, ATV). The authority's experts analysed 5 280 hours of broadcasting over 220 days in the first half of this year. On average, broadcasters provided 20 and a half hours of programming per day with accessibility for hearing impaired viewers.

Most of the accessible programmes were broadcast by Hír TV: a total of 23 hours and 41 minutes of the 24 hours were available to hearing-impaired viewers as well. ATV started to make their programmes accessible at the end of May, so the channel's programmes were included in the tested sample from June. These days in June, however, had an exceptionally high proportion (over 90 percent) of assisted programmes. RTL (14 hours and 43 minutes per day) and TV2 (18 hours and 45 minutes per day) had the least accessible programmes.

The Media Act provides for the compulsory provision of assistance for news and sports programmes, weather reports, political information programmes, public service announcements, political advertisements and programmes on people with disabilities and equal opportunities. The investigation found that 99.9% of the programmes required were subtitled or interpreted into sign language.

The Media Authority found a violation of law at a radio station in Debrecen

Following an official investigation into the broadcast days of FM90 Campus Radio in Debrecen between 20-26 June, proceedings were launched against the service provider of the radio station. The investigation revealed that the channel under-performed the daily and weekly quota for public service media programmes in the period analysed, and did not comply with the relevant legal requirements.  The Media Council imposed a fine on the media service provider for the infringements.

Calls for tenders for two frequencies in Zalaegerszeg are final

The Media Council has finalised the calls for tenders for the Zalaegerszeg 95.1 MHz and 95.8 MHz frequencies. The former frequency is currently operated by the Zalaegerszegi Televízió és Rádió Kft., while Zalaegerszeg 95.8 MHz is operated by Radio Plus Kft. Both entitlements expire permanently in June 2023. Commercial calls for tenders are available on the Authority's website from 14 October 2022.