Media Council: five million fine for RTL Klub

Published: 13 July 2022

The service provider of RTL Klub channel has been fined by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (the Media Authority) for the adult content of an episode of the TV series entitled “Sisi”. The Council finalised the tender for Budapest 90.3 MHz.

The Media Council received several notifications concerning the series entitled “Sisi” broadcast on RTL Klub on 18 April. The notifiers complained that the programme, which was broadcast from 18:50 with an age rating not recommended for audiences under the age of 12, contained several scenes depicting sexuality.

The official inspection found that the programme could only have been broadcast after 9 pm, with an age rating not recommended for audiences under the age of 16.

In view of the repeated violation of the rules by the media service provider of RTL Klub channel, the Media Council imposed a fine of HUF 5 million and ordered the senior executive of M-RTL Zrt. to pay a fine of HUF 50 thousand.

Applications for the 90.3 MHz frequency open in August

Following a public hearing, the Media Council has finalised the invitation to tender for the Budapest 90.3 MHz community radio frequency, for which tenders can be submitted on 15 August 2022. The current service provider's right to use the frequency expires on 3 September.