Permanent data eraser app already available

Published: 2 December 2021

In accordance with the government decree on the free public data eraser application, from 1 December, buyers will also receive a data eraser label from retailers when purchasing durable media devices. With the code on the label, you can use a web-based interface to access a data erasure service for electronic storage devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, which allows you to securely and irrevocably delete the data stored on your device.

Under the government decree on the free public data erasure application, traders selling new durable media or devices containing them would provide customers with a data erasure label at the time of purchase. The code on the label allows the customer to permanently delete the data stored on the durable medium. After entering the code and the necessary identifiers on the label provided by the retailer and selecting the type of device, the software on the data eraser web interface will help you to easily, permanently, irrevocably and securely delete the data from the durable medium. It is important to note that the code on the label is a single-use code, which entitles you to one erasure. The NMHH set up a sub-page on its website to provide traders and consumers with information.

If consumers do not permanently erase their data from data storage devices that are no longer in use, it could easily be passed on to the next user of the device. It is not necessary to be particularly skilled to restore the original files. If your phone is connected to other smart devices, it is even easier to access this data, whether it is photos or the passwords you are currently using. Therefore, it is particularly important that the erasure method used on the durable media device is irreversible and secure, and the service offered at the website is just the solution to that.